Newbie Agility (for dogs aged 12 months+)


Newbie Agility is for beginners who have either never tried agility before or have not completed using all the equipment. Your dog will learn to conquer jump skills, run through tunnels independently, balance over contact equipment comprising A-frame, Dogwalk and Seesaw, weave through twelve upright poles-all to build up speed and confidence. As a handler, you will learn the required skills to guide your dog around the course.

You and your dog will form a special bond and trust for each other. It will provide much fun and certainly improve your relationship. It is recommended that you have a basic focus and control over your dog. If not it would be better to attend the Puppy Skillz/Foundation courses before you start.

Foundation Agility (for dogs aged 6-12 months)

Foundation for Agility isn’t just about jumping and running, Agility foundation is about having fun and strengthening your bond with your dog.

This is where you will spend time learning more about your dog’s balance,  stride, coordination and improving on your dogs body awareness. Its a slow and steady introduction to agility equipment such as low jumps and tunnels. We teach different handling skills and you will be shown larger courses and how to walk them. We work on recall, waiting, achieving more focus and self control from your dog and around other dogs.

Competition Agility (for dogs aged 12 months +)

These are fun classes for people that have completed the newbie or foundation agility and also for people that are already competing or who want to start.

You will build on what you have already learnt, while learning more advanced techniques and what is expected in a show ring. There will be preparation to help you as well, as pointing you in the right direction about how to find and enter shows. Courses will be more challenging, helping to identify areas that need work with you and your dog.

We do run ‘fun’ in-house competitions from time to time – always remember….  the main focus is around having fun and enjoying the experience with your dog.

Junior Agility

K9 Heaven will offer junior handling sessions for young people, accompanied by an adult, between the ages of eight and sixteen in the school holidays.

It will be open to all abilities.

There will also be Agility and Hoopers activities with competitions and rosettes to be won.

It is lovely to see the bond developing between a young person and their dog.

Please contact us for more information and to go on our waiting list.

See also details on our Facebook page.