Hoopers is the newest craze in dog sports.

It is low impact and free-flowing with no sharp turns or twists.

It is suitable for dogs of any age. Puppies must be at least six months old.

The course is made up of plastic hoops, barrels, large tunnels (80cm-1m) and sometimes a touch-tango mat, which is a large rubberised running contact mat.

Distance handling is the key to this sport and it links well with Agility.

It would be suitable for young agility dogs to work on independently and retired agility dogs and their owners that still want to have fun.

We are starting to see more competitions appearing and it is a quickly growing sport.We are offering daytime and evening classes with a maximum of six dogs.There are also one-to-one and two-to-one lessons.As Accredited Instructors, we offer the Canine Hoopers rosette system as you progress and improve.This will be open to junior handlers as well.Please feel free to ask any questions you have regarding Hoopers.

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