Team Thomas

The Team

Team Thomas is made up of myself, Sarah Thomas, my Mum, Jilly Davis and our five dogs.

Jilly is my groom. She attends competitions with me and I’m sure I could not manage without her there.

I compete in UKA and Kennel Club Agility competitions.

I have completed an Approved Agility Instructor course and completed many on-line courses.

I am an Accredited Hoopers Instructor and also an Approved Kennel Club Agility judge.

Meet Vinyasa Blue Diamond

Vinny is a three year-old blue Whippet bitch. She is well respected in the pack where she is the leader. Although mischievous and bossy, she is my first dog and a proper princess. She has competed in Flyball and Agility. She achieved championship status in UKA Performance and Senior Status Steeplechase and is currently ranked by the Kennel Club at Grade 5.

Meet Lotus Lightning Bolt

Lotus, who is a three year-old dog, is a Hancock Lurcher Blue Merle-three quarters Greyhound and one quarter Border Collie. He is the big lad who would prefer life if it was just him, me and his ball. He loves to run. Lotus has taken a long time to mature and can get nervous at shows. He has competed in Flyball and Agility. He is UKA Beginners Performance and Novice Steeplechase and currently ranked Grade 3 by the Kennel Club. He is showing great potential in Hoopers and Disc which he has started recently.

Meet Devongem Dancin a Blur

Blur is a two year-old Working Cocker Spaniel dog, chocolate and liver in colour. He demands a lot of attention at home but in the ring he is a star, having just started his agility career. He is lovely to run and has spent time doing extensive agility foundation. He is in UKA Beginners Performance and Steeplechase. He is currently Kennel Club Grade 4.

Meet proforza Strike to Win

Strike is a nine month old smooth coated black and white Border Collie dog. He has a lovely way about him and the other dogs have accepted him very quickly. He likes to herd at the moment and can be quite nervous. He is very focused though and is learning his Agility Foundation.

Meet Tallulah

The team’s mascot, Tilly is a four year-old Spanish Podenco red bitch. She has come to me as a one year old through Starfish Rescue UK from Spain. Lap dog one minute, hunting dog the next, she is a funny little character. She does not take part in competitions.